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Can I cancel my ticket?
Can I cancel my ticket?

Do I get a refund? What is the deadline for cancellations?

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Can't make it to the event? It happens.

We try to keep our cancellation policy as flexible as possible. There's just one deadline that's crucial, and that's the Friday before the day of the event.

This is the day we confirm all details with the restaurants. This means that, after this Friday, we no longer sell รณr cancel anymore tickets for the events of that weekend.

That means you can cancel your tickets, free of charge, up to and including this Friday.

You'll get a full refund, regardless of the reason. We only refund to the account the tickets have been paid with.

However, after Friday 5pm, cancellations (also regardless of the reason) can no longer be processed.

Tickets can of course be transferred to other people, just let us know and we'll help you in the process.

To cancel, send us an email, and we'll assist you further.

Don't forget to include your order number (a 6-digit code with a '#' symbol in front). By the way, using the chat function at the bottom, right of your screen, might be even faster.

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