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Where do I start?

And how do I know where to go? What is the route and in what order will I visit the restaurants?

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During the Restaurant Tour, you'll visit 6 different restaurants. The order in which you visit these is determined in advance (by us).

There will be several hundred people attending the Tour, so it's rather important we manage this.

That's why we ask you, to visit the restaurants in the same order as they appear in your ticket. Start at 1, onwards to number 2, etcetera.

There are 6 different 'routes', and you can select one of the predetermined 'routes' during the ordering process or afterwards in your ticket. If you see less than 6 routes, that means that some of them are full.

Capacity changes over time, so be sure to check your ticket once in a while. Available routes may appear.

The Friday before the event, we close the possibility to change your route. That means, after Friday 5pm, you can no longer change your route.

We do this, so we can inform the restaurants on how many people they can expect at certain timesโ€‹, ensuring you'll have the best experience possible.


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